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Every person has the right to protect his personal life, business and private information from intrusion of other people. Nowadays it mainly concerns data stored in your computer as this information is extremely vulnerable and valuable, that is why using data protecting software presents the barest necessity if you want to feel safe and secure. The most effective way to make oneself secure and guard personal data is to use VIP Files Protector, which can make your personal information absolutely impenetrable by encrypting or hiding needed files and shredding unneeded files so that they can't be restored.

With VIP Files Protector you can stop worrying that your spouse, colleagues, rivals, government, children or outsiders can obtain access to any documents, files and programs storing in your computer as VIP Files Protector has a powerful encryption system which enables you to encrypt files using several robust encryption algorithms. Besides, you can simply hide files, folders or drives that need to be protected and they won't be shown in Explorer though they won't be moved or deleted. Finally, with VIP Files Protector and its function to shred files you can be absolutely sure that deleted files will not be restored by other persons. Prevent your personal information and confidential documents from being read and utilized by others by using VIP Files Protector!

Key features

* Encrypting files – With VIP Files Protector you can encrypt any files choosing one of 18 robust encryption algorithms which provide extremely good protection of your personal and business information
* Decrypting files – VIP Files Protector decrypts previously encrypted files, folders or drives after entering chosen password so that only you can get access to the most important or crucial files
* Shredding files – With VIP Files Protector you can securely delete files so that they can't be restored. File shredding is used to ensure confidentiality and protect personal information. VIP Files Protector suggests 11 sound shredding algorithms so that even deleted information remains private
* Hiding files – VIP Files Protector can hide files, folders or even drives from Explorer without their direct deleting or moving
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