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VirtualDub (1,26 Мб)
Build 27700 (1.7.2, experimental): [May 19, 2007]
[features added]
* Added minor frame lines to the parameter curve editor.
* Input driver plugin support.
* The threshold, sharpen, and brightness/contrast filters now support
* The DV type-1 audio source can now be set to conceal errors.
* Rendering operations can be throttled or paused.
* Capture: Screencap driver can now capture the mouse cursor.
[bugs fixed]
* AVI parser now handles files with a significant amount of garbage prior to
the first video or audio chunk.
* Curve editor opens to current frame instead of frame 0.
* Smart rendering didn't check the right locations in filter opacity curves
if edits had been applied.
* Animated GIF decoder didn't handle the "erase" and "restore" disposal
modes correctly.
* Animated GIF decoder could display a one-frame glitch at start of
* Time-based filters and filter curves weren't reflected in output preview
when applied to a repeating frame.
* Fixed interlaced field DirectDraw display with planar YCbCr formats.
* The "smart rendering" option could cause a missing codec error even if
the video mode was set to Direct.
* Added workaround for BlackMagic MJPEG codec not producing key frames.
* Added workaround for update problems with the Direct3D and OpenGL display
modes in Windows Vista.
* Capture: Fixed crash when attempting to use "remove duplicate frames"
feature of screencap driver on a 3D card that didn't support occlusion
* Capture: Fixed crash in screencap driver on 3D cards that don't support
buffer objects.
* Capture: Fixed bugs in screencap driver's rescale function.
[regressions fixed]
* Fixed inaccurate length field in WAV header.
* D3D: Fixed memory leak.
* AMD64: MPEG video decoder now works.

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