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Death Gate, рассказчик: (извините за длинноту, но он очень эффектно это читал и я помню это наизусть)
Two thousand years ago, the Sartan council sundered the world into five realms. One of them was a nightmarish prison called the Labyrinth, and into it was banished the entire Patryn race -- your ancestors. This is the place you've always called home, and all you've ever wanted is escape. Your name is Haplo, and you are a Patryn.
Not long ago, Lord Xar, the most powerful Patryn sorcerer of his generation, broke through the Labyrinth's final gate. In doing so, he paved the way for the others to follow. The path was still difficult, but not impossible. Your travels led you to the final gate, where the combined forces of the Labyrinth waited to turn you away.
The fight was hopeless. Alone, you never would have survived. But then, Lord Xar appeared, and with his help, you were able to rout the dark monsters of the Labyrinth. What followed is hazy. You remember stumbling out of the final gate, but then you collapsed on the ground, and Lord Xar's concerned face faded to darkness, as you lost consciousness.

И Shannara из-за общего момента очень запомнилось "Jak! Break the mirror!"
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