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По умолчанию Ответ: emule что это такое и ка с ним работать!

Хакер, запусти осла, ткни кнопку HELP->Ports,Firewalls & Routers->Firewalls->General и внимательно прочитай:

All ports listed here have to be opened in the firewall’s rule set. As most Windows firewalls are application based you can save yourself some trouble by adding a rule which allows the eMule.exe all UPD,TCP traffic on all ports in all directions. This will not compromise your security, as no exploits of eMule are known so far.

- ZoneAlarm is reported to cause problems with eMule. It is not recommended. Nice and free firewalls are Kerio Personal Firewall and Agnitum Outpost

NIS Pro 2003,2004 также не имеет с ним никаких проблем
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