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Automotive Expert 7.61

The Automotive Expert is today's answer for simple shop management. This unique 'new' software tool learns from you as you use it. This makes it possible to create your own custom pricing system for your shop. Features:
Reminders & Letters
This one is big. We think it is in terms of generating more business for your shop A simple 'ihank-you' letter for any customer who spends $50.00 or more will get you off to a great start. If there is one thing most general repair shops are lacking compared to a dealer - it’s keeping in contact with their customers by mail. If you planned on sending 30 to 40 reminders out every week, you could easily find business is up substantially within 6 months, Thirty stamped envelopes with a letter will cost about $12.50 per week, plus one hour of your time. Designate one day each week to this task and see what happens.
Packaged Jobs
Create and save your own packaged job combinations. Easily add your packaged job to any ticket you create.
Most Recent Tickets
The Most Recent Tickets List is one of our favourite new features. This feature will allow you to view all of your tickets starting with the most recent. If you don't know any of the customer information but you know the date you worked on their vehicle, no problem, view the most recent list and you are all set.
Selectable Comments Set-Up
Selectable Comments allows you create your own comments to be printed on your tickets. Simply create some comments or use ones we have set up for you.
Sales Report Preview
Sales Reports allows you to run daily, weekly. monthly, yearly, or customizable reports.
Automatic Suggested Parts
A list of suggested parts appears for every job, choose the items from the list and add them to your ticket. Once on your ticket add your part numbers and part prices and the program remembers them for you.
Labour Time Screen
We give you 3 labour times to choose from, the high, average, and low times. We also supply a place for your own shop time, this field will display what you charged the last time for this job or your own custom labour time.
Password Protection
With the password protection enabled, you can protect your invoices and customers from being deleted. It will also protect your sales reports as well, it will only allow you to run your reports only if you have the password. Passwords can be turned on and off so if you don't want your Automotive Expert password protected you do not have to have it.
Customer History Reports
The customer history reports will allow you to run a complete history for one customer for all their vehicles or just one. This will allow you view or print all the work that was ever completed by your shop. The above report is for one customer and all his cars. When you choose only one vehicle it would show all of the jobs completed for that vehicle allowing you to run complete vehicle history reports. Customer History reports has the option to run a report by specific dates. This allows you to run reports for a certain time period.
Miscellaneous Charges Reports
Miscellaneous Charges Reports can tell you how much you have made on any of the charges you have in your system. You can run a report by the day, week, month, year, or customize the dates yourself. Here you will see what each charge brought in for the corresponding date range, any amount in parenthesis () is a negative amount.
Customer History
Retrieve customers by last name, tag#, ticket#, truck#, P.O.# or model of vehicle. You may also bring up a list of your most recent tickets, these tickets will appear by the most recent date on top. With Customer History you can preview or print previous tickets or select the customer to start new tickets.
Real-Time Labour Guide
The Real-Time Labour Guide is the fastest growing automotive labor time guide. The software is fast, accurate, easy to use (anyone can use it the first day), and affordable. If you repair cars our labor time guide is a basic shop tool that you shouldn't be without.
Manage Manufacturers List
Manage Manufacturers allows you to customize the Automotive Expert vehicle list. You can choose only the makes you work on, choose all foreign, all domestic, all heavy duty trucks, or just one make, It's up to you.
Easy Part
Easy Part is a new feature that allows you to save and recall parts from the estimate screen above. If a part number is assigned to a part in the system simply add the part number in the part number field 'tab' over and the part description will automatically be assigned along with the price. If the part number is not in the system, add your description and price so the next time you use that number it will automatically fill in the part information for you.
Technician Tracking Set-up
You can now track the work your techs are doing. You can track parts and labour or just labour.
Pay-Type Set-up
Pay Type will allow you track how your tickets were paid. We have set a default list for you, but you may add or delete any.
Service Checklist Forms
Prints out a basic vehicle check list so you don't forget any needed repairs.
Save & Print
Add & save customers, print, or preview estimates or invoices. Add printable comments to your ticket, these comments will display inside a box on the actual ticket. Also allows you to keep private shop notes about a customer or car, that will not print on the ticket. Date options allows you to change the date of the invoice.
Custom Vehicle
Here you are able to create and save your own custom vehicles. Add vehicles not currently in the system or even add a boat.
Miscellaneous Charges Setup Screen
In miscellaneous charges you can customize the amount that you want to charge for that fee. You can create new charges, modify existing ones, or remove them if you wish.
Customer Mailings
Customer Mailing list will allow you to mail specials & thank you cards, (just to name a couple) to your customers. They can be printed with single dot matrix tractor fed style labels or for a laser printer you may use Avery 5160 labels.
Custom Footers
The footers in the Automotive Expert are completely customizable. You may make any changes to this footer that you feel is necessary, if you make a mistake and you don't like it, we have an option to restore the original footer so you may start again.
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