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По умолчанию AceReader Pro

AceReader Pro ver. 4.5e | 3.04 Mb

AceReader is referred to as: Reading Improvement Software; Reading Assessment Software; Productivity Reading Tool; Self-Improvement Educational Reading Tool; Reading Fluency Software; Vision Training Software; Speed Reading Software.
Teachers often say... "Finally I found a modern day software version of a Tachistoscope machine used years ago to pace eye movement."
It can be used to: (1) assess your current reading level; (2) improve your reading speed and comprehension, both online and offline; and (3) help you read faster while on the computer, by utilizing special display modes.
In today's fast-paced information age, it is more important than ever to be a proficient reader. Everyone from high-powered executives to children just learning to read in grade school can benefit from AceReader.
Our goal is to help you read faster, while maintaining or even improving your comprehension. When you accomplish this, reading becomes like watching a movie. It becomes fun to read because you're able to absorb more material in a shorter amount of time. In short, it leads to more success and a better overall quality of life.
Like anything, it takes practice. AceReader is not designed to teach you how to read, but instead focuses on helping you be more proficient at your reading both on and off the computer.

Problems AceReader Solves:

AceReader helps you break two major bad habits: (1) Subvocalization (pronouncing the words in your mind while you read), and (2) Re-Reading/Regression (letting your eyes wander back to re-read text). AceReader paces you to read at higher speeds. At these higher speeds, it becomes physically impossible to subvocalize. And because AceReader displays text by flashing word sets, you will be forced to read ahead and will not have the opportunity to regress.
AceReader will also help you: (1) Reduce Your Eye Fixation Time (time spent when your eyes are focused on a single point), (2) Expand Your Eye Fixation Zone (ability to read a wider text width when your eyes are focused on a single point) and (3) Increase Your Re-Fixation Speed (ability to reposition your eyes at a rapid rate).

Technologies Used:
AceReader utilizes two technologies: (1) RAPID SERIAL VISUAL PRESENTATION (RSVP), and (2)TACHISTOSCOPIC SCROLL PRESENTATION (TSP). When AceReader is in RSVP mode, text is displayed in the center of the text area. RSVP can help you to read faster than normal because your eyes do not need to move. In RSVP mode, the words come to your eyes instead of your eyes going to the words. When AceReader is in TSP mode, text is displayed in a manner that forces your eyes to move just like they do in normal reading. TSP can train you to read in a normal fashion but at higher speeds. Both modes can help you learn to take in multiple words at a time.

How AceReader is Used:
* As a Self-Improvement Educational Tool - Learn to read faster, both on and off your computer, by practicing with both RSVP Mode (Center Text Mode) and TSP Mode (Eye Trainer Scroll Mode) at configurable speed settings. Track your progress by taking the reading/comprehension tests, broken out by grade levels 1-12+. Break two major bad reading habits: (1) Subvocalization, and (2) Re-Reading; once you've broken these habits, you will find yourself reading 2X, 3X or even faster. The more you practice, the better you will get.
* As a Productivity Tool - Read faster while on your computer by reading in RSVP Mode (Center Text Mode). Use AceReader to read and skim text rapidly from a variety of documents and from your clipboard. The clipboard allows you to import text from other applications, such as your favorite word processor and text from the Internet (i.e. Web pages, e-mail, newsgroups). Utilize the “Burst” and “Sentence Search” features to read efficiently while online. Adjust (1) speed of text presentation, (2) font color, (3) font size, (4) background color, (5) number of words or lines, (6) delays, and much more.
Additional ways AceReader can be used:
* Diagnostic Reading Assessment Tool - In addition to improving your reading skills, use AceReader to help assess your current reading level (speed and comprehension).
* Tachistoscope - Use AceReader as a pacing tool. Some teachers have noted that AceReader is a modern-day software version of the mechanical tachistoscope machines from years ago. Those machines, which would flash text onto a screen at configurable speeds, were used to help many students and teachers learn how to read better by pacing their eye movement. AceReader goes beyond their capabilities, though, by providing many additional options and features, and it includes the ability to track student progress.
* Warm Up Tool - Use AceReader to warm up your reading skills. It's the same as picking up several bats and taking a few swings before stepping up to the plate. Then you can switch over to read online or offline, increasing your speed in the process.
* Low Vision Aid - Read without eye movement. Change the text font and background color to meet your needs.
* Memorization and Flash Card Tool - Use AceReader Pro's Flash Card Game to memorize learning material (i.e. state capitals, multiplication tables…). You can also use the Burst Forward and Burst Repeat features to rapidly read and re-read text for the purpose of memorizing it.
* Self-Improvement Programmer - Step up the speed and rapidly display messages to yourself for the purpose of programming your subconscious with positive suggestions.
* Foreign Languages Trainer - Use AceReader as a computerized flash card system to read and re-read text for the purpose of learning a foreign language. AceReader support s the international ASCII character set (i.e. English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, etc.).
* ESL Trainer - Use AceReader to help learn English as a Second Language by improving your English reading skills.
* Dyslexia Aid - Read by viewing one or a few words at a time. Easily adjust the speed to your fit your needs.
* Eye Tracker - Train your eyes to move left-to-right and top-to-bottom by using the “Eye Trainer Mode.” This mode forces proper eye movement for normal offline reading.
* PhotoReading Aid - Use AceReader to flash whole pages of text at desired speeds to assist with online PhotoReading techniques.
* Speed Reading Aid - Use AceReader to assist your eye tracking at configured speeds. This will help break common bad reading habits that slow you down (i.e. subvocalization and regression...).
A few more reasons why you need AceReader:
* Proficient Reading = Proficient Learning. Once you unlock your reading potential, you will unlock your ability to learn everything more proficiently.
* Better grades in school. Teach your children skills that will pay benefits through high school, college and into the workplace.
* Better performance on the job where reading skills are more and more important.
* More hours in your life as your reading speed increases.
* Better quality of life as your reading, understanding and retention grow year after year.
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По умолчанию Ответ: AceReader Pro

AceReader Pro Deluxe Network Edition v5.0.1.5

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[Для просмотра ссылок требуется регистрация. Зарегистрироваться...]
Rar Pass: [Для просмотра ссылок требуется регистрация. Зарегистрироваться...]

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